McKinnon Families

Of Glengarry and Prescott, Ontario before 1900

Clan Crest

One of Siol Alpin family and among Scotland’s most ancient clans.

We are descendants of the Clan MacKinnon. By old tradition the MacKinnons claim to be of the royal Clan Alpin stock, descended and named from Fingon, brother to Andrew who was ancestor to Grigor and the MacGregors and great-grandson of Kenneth MacAlpin. On the question of the original descent of the Clan MacKinnon a difficulty has arisen which will never now be solved. An ancient document has been discovered, which traces the origin of the Clan to Fergus II. the Great, son of Erc, who held a part of Britain with the Dalriadic Kingdom, and died A.D. 502


My own family arrived in Glengarry, Ontario sometime between 1790 and 1816. My ancestor, Donald McKinnon was one of the first to settle in the southern part of the county of Prescott. After his death, the family moved back to Glengarry county. .

Daniel McKinnon

Proud descendant of Scottish Highlanders that settled in Prescott County,Ontario